"To see a world you otherwise could not see."

In 2010,  GK Callahan partnered with the Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired to embark on an ambitious project - the greening of a public eyesore into a multi-use community space accessible to all, regardless of disability.  Please Touch Community Garden has sprouted from that vision. Located on public land, the garden is an example of an interim-use solution, and also serves as a demonstration space for various urban agriculture strategies.

Please Touch Community Garden is a community arts space where diverse groups of people are invited to freely and safely interact. This public space celebrates the abundant possibility that is often difficult to see in our urban environment.

BEFORE - (2010)

As an interim-use project on public land, Please Touch Community Garden is an evolving transformation of neglected commons into a community asset. While highlighting the intersection of art and public life, the space also serves as a demonstration of various techniques and strategies for growing food in an urban environment.


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AFTER - (2014)